Videos - Joyce Kwon
Joyce Kwon - singer, composer & gayageum player making folk music for folks of the diaspora
Joyce Kwon, voicekwon, gayageum, Asian American, Korean American, New American Folk
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Find true love in deep time …

Spin That Void

You and a Song

Get a peek into the recording sessions for “Nililiya”

“Little bird, little bird …”

Featuring subtitles in a dozen languages provided by friends and fellow Americans, who know the feeling of being expats and singing of home. Turn on closed captions [cc] and select a language under settings⚙️, near the lower right-hand corner of the video.

Or watch a Mila Dreams animation of the solo recording of “Little Bird,” which was in the children’s program at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.

Watch the music video to “Dream of Home”

Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival music video 2019
DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon 2019
Asians on Film Best Music Video

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