Music - Joyce Kwon
Joyce Kwon - singer, composer & gayageum player making folk music for folks of the diaspora
Joyce Kwon, voicekwon, gayageum, Asian American, Korean American, New American Folk
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Spin That Void

Spin – André de Santanna Remix


Add Dre’s remix of Joyce’s “Spin” to your workout playlist 💪🏼

Future History


First single from Joyce’s upcoming Jungian album

Dream of Home, Joyce Kwon, voicekwon

Dream of Home


The dream of home can be a nightmare. It’s possible that it’s a place that never existed at all . . . Still, Joyce holds out hope that there’s space for her somewhere, if only in the collective imagination of those marginalized in their homeland.

GW2 End of Dragons end credits song A World Without You

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons OST


Joyce recorded/composed the music and lyrics for “A World Without You,” the end credits song of the epic massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Guild Wars 2’s lead composer Maclaine Diemer arranged the piece.




An EP by the indie electronic duo comprised of Dan Rufolo (keys) and Joyce Kwon (voice), “Winter” is the soundtrack for the coldest season of your life.

No-No Boy 1975



No-No Boy continues to illuminate hidden American histories in his Smithsonian Folkways debut “1975.” Joyce contributed vocal harmonies on “Gimme Chills.”

To a Certain Boy


A concept album in the tradition of Frank Sinatra’s “In the Wee Small Hours,” Joyce addresses each song to a certain boy on her 2011 EP with Ross Garren (keyboard) and Jonathan Richards (bass). Including Joyce’s hit song from her college days, “Don’t Ask Me Out,” it’s perfect for that special someone you want in (or out) of your life.

That Music Always Round Me, Walt Whitman, Dial & Oatts

That Music Always Round Me


Garry Dial and Dick Oatts’ album of Walt Whitman’s poetry set to music with the Temple University Concert Choir & Vocal Jazz Collective: Hear Joyce sing as a featured guest on the bossa “Sometimes With One I Love,” alongside vocalist Kyle Gordon and guitarist Paul Meyers.